CIEH Level 1
Award in Food Safety Awareness in Catering

This qualification has been developed to raise awareness of key food safety issues and to provide employees with an induction to food hygiene, prior to taking the Level 2 Award in Food Safety.

Why is this training important?
Food business operators must ensure that employees are supervised, instructed and trained in food hygiene matters in order to guarantee safe food to consumers. 

Who needs this qualification?
This is an ideal solution to staff induction training including:

  • New employees with minimal or no prior food safety knowledge.
  • Employees handling low-risk or wrapped foods (Category A).
  • Front of house employees, such as waiting or check out staff.
  • Back of house employees, such as kitchen porters or warehouse staff.
  • The Level 1 awards are also suitable for employees for whom English is a second language or those with special educational needs.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the basic requirements of food safety and hygiene.
  • How to keep clean and hygienic.
  • How to keep work areas clean.
  • The role an individual plays in reducing contamination.
  • Ability to identify key food safety issues.

Half day programme.

Multiple choice exam.


Suggested Progression
Level 2 Award in Food Safety.